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Name:Isaac Lahey
Birthdate:Sep 22
Location:Beacon Hills, California, United States of America
Isaac Lahey

Isaac comes from a broken home; no mother and an abusive father, no real support and a shitty job, when Derek offered him the bite, he was in no way tempted to say no.

Becoming a werewolf was freeing, allowing Isaac to break out of the cycle of being scared and abused and always belittled. With the addition of Erica and Boyd to the pack, their odd little pack grew to a quartet. He'll be the last person to deny that the training schedule that Derek has set up is grueling and hard work.

With the Kanima at large and a very dangerous threat, the pack is on constant high alert, waiting, all while trying to convince Scott to join Derek's pack so they can all work together and attempting to avoid the Argent's, who are well aware that both Isaac and Derek are werewolves.

Isaac has begun to question Derek's choices in regards to the Kanima, suggesting that they leave it be, stop hunting it and just see what happens.

When push came to shove, Isaac followed his Alpha into the fold and, for once, they came out on top.

Now they just have to face the Alpha pack.

disclaimer I do not own Isaac Lahey and am in no way affiliated with Teen Wolf. Muse is played at 18 years of age, mun is 20.

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